Thursday, December 5, 2013


reverb 13 -Day 5.

What was the greatest risk you took in 2013? What was the outcome?

I used to take big risks, but I have taken less and less of late. I think I should take more though......

My greatest risk of the year was going back to my old job. The shift work and stress involved in my job led me to take time out last year. I enjoyed the time out from shift work but missed looking after women and their families. So I decided to go back and just work less hours. I was faced with my biggest challenge as a result of taking the risk of going back when I was inadvertently involved in a case that has now forever changed my life. I am firmly committed to confidentiality and can't go into any details about the case. This is probably what makes the whole situation harder to deal with. I have seen a psychologist for the first time in my life and it has helped. The risk I would have liked to take when I was at the cross roads would have been to have moved somewhere else, probably Queensland where Jay could get more reliable work and I could work casually instead. Which would allow me to do the job I love in hours that suit me and let me take time out as I need it. My daughters are so settled in their schools and have good friends here though, so I didn't take the risk. My desire to provide my girls with a stable home prevents me from taking some of the risks I consider. 
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  1. I admire your flexible thinking and the way you keep moving towards more of what you want. Love the drawing and encouraging words.

  2. Work... that word is so full of meaning and complexity. It feels good and it feels exhausting and it feels wonderful. Beautiful risk... Thanks for the telling!

  3. Risks take on a whole new meaning once you become a mama.
    I'm so glad you're receiving support from a psychologist. I found that to be so beneficial. xx