Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yummy Noro!

I recently made an Edgar scarf with the yummy Noro I bought at Evoke.

I have been busy reading and studying for the conference I went away to on the weekend - ALSO - Advanced Life Support Obstetrics. It was a very busy, educational and somewhat stressful weekend. I barely realised that I was in Sydney. Now that it is successfully done and dusted I can get back to some of my crafty goodness and finish the dragon trilogy too!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gold Coast fun!

Our camping holiday on the Gold coast was a hit with the kids. We spent 4 nights camping and took them to Seaworld and Movieworld. They haven't been to a big theme park before and they had alot of fun.

On the way home we stopped for some lunch at the most easterly point of mainland Australia, at cape Byron lighthouse, Byron Bay.

Because I am lucky enough to have a wonderful man I also got my wish to visit Evoke Yarn at Lismore on the way home. After much spending up the Gold Coast, I was good and kept to my no more than $100 yarn budget and got some lovely Noro and 2 Evoke hand dyed skeins. The Noro is for some scarfs which I struggled to remember the name of when I met Elissa at Evoke (brain fuzzled after 4 nights in a tent with 4 little peeps!) I remember now though I am planning to make an Edgar scarf with one lot, undecided on the other. The brown sock yarn - more socks for the man who got me to the store (Mwah) and the other for a soaker for a friend expecting a boy bundle soonish

It was great to see all the colourways, I wish I lived a little closer! Probably better that I don't!