Friday, November 1, 2013

Tea time tablecloth

Josie starting high school this year was a big change for the family, but I am happy to report she has made the transition smoothly and is enjoying new subjects. I think she surprised herself with enjoying textiles and has even pulled out my sewing machine at home a few times now for some projects. I got a lovely new table cloth a couple of weeks ago.

I just love the spotty tea pots!

I whipped up half a dozen bright dish cloths this week because my concentration has been too off for any of my knitting patterns. I just needed something to do that required little thought and stress.

Life has been a little tricky lately. Sadly we lost My Uncle a couple of weeks ago and we have all been feeling a little heart broken. My work stress continues and I am contemplating career options. Thank goodness for Jay and my girls, they give me every reason to just keep smiling despite it all!