Sunday, August 25, 2013

What would you wish for?

August Moon Day 5.

Have you developed new yearnings so far this year? Let go of old ones?

I am definitely yearning to travel, dreaming about far away places. New adventures and making magical memories. I will have to continue to yearn this year but I think we will be visiting somewhere new next year. I have the July school holidays off work and I think a warm get away sounds ideal!

As far as letting go of old ones I guess I gave up on my study, it was a good thing to let go of, I feel I am moving in different directions and I was really wasting my time.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

August moon Day 4.

 What word did you choose as your travelling companion in 2013? How is it working for you? Where have the surprises been? If you didn’t choose a guiding word, what word sums up your year so far? And why?
As you all already know 'Gratitude' has been my guidance word for 2013. Before Reverb 12 I hadn't really thought of having a word as a travelling companion for the year. It has been a true blessing to have come into 2013 with one. I have experienced some big and unexpected challenges this year and when I am feeling particularly down I remind myself of all that I have. It is definitely keeping me grounded and has helped me to just stop and smell the roses along the way. If Gratitude had not been my little mantra many other words would be clouding me now I am sure. Today I do not have to work, the sky is blue and we are all together. We went to the markets and had lunch at the jetty. The girls are playing in the yard with our dogs and Imogen has a friend over. We are thinking about what to have for dinner and about the fun tomorrow will bring at a fete we are going to. I am so thankful for days like these!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Wishes and Blessings.

Another day late with August Moon Day 2:-

We are about to enter into a gentler season i.e. Autumn/Fall if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. For me, these seasons often feel like a relief after the intensity of Summer and Winter. How do you intend to transition into the new season?

Autumn and Spring are my favourite times of year, so much more pleasant and full of colour! As we head into Spring I am getting more active and eating healthier. It is time to get control again of my body. A little while ago I was diagnosed with moderate osteoarthritis in my left hip. I want to get the extra weight off to take some of the pressure off and I want to build up my muscle tone as well.
I also start planning some Spring knitting projects, I have some lovely cotton fleece I am planning on using to make my youngest 3 girl a singlet top each.
I am planning some gardening out the back and am really enjoying the Jasmine that has already blossomed over the back fence.

August Moon Day 3.

Sometimes we get too caught up with life's circumstances. Count the blessings you've had to be grateful for this year?

My number one blessing this year and every year since they have been alive is my daughters. All of life's ups and downs are worth it just knowing I have them around. As I mentioned yesterday "Gratitude" has been my driving force this year. I have a beautiful family and wonderful friends to be eternally grateful for. Some blessings from this year that come to mind:
My dear friend Emma who had a battle with cancer last year is now cancer free. Thank you.
My eldest daughter Josie started her journey in High School, she has made good Friends and is doing really well. Thank you.
We are clearing our credit card debt. Thank you.
I have made some new and wonderful friends. Thank you.
The flowers and other small gifts my husband leaves me randomly just because. Thank you.
The good books, lush yarns and tea. Thank you.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 1 August Moon

Starting a day late and off to a good start. The reverb for yesterday the 21st:

How have you treated yourself this year? Have you kept your intentions?

I can tell already this is going to be a little difficult. I had the best of intentions for a year full of gratitude and being kind to myself. However once again life has thrown me some big curve balls and I have found myself teetering on the edge. Gratitude has helped me balance all the unexpected events of the year though. I am so aware of the fortunes I do have : my healthy family, my own health, our home, where we live, good friends, food in the cupboard, clothes on our back, indulging in my crafty hobbies amongst the many. We have had some challenging times, for me again mostly work. This has by far been the hardest year at work I have ever had. I am quite sure I would happily never work again!(Not an option). The stress at work led me to pull out of study which was a good move towards treating myself with kindness. I often put way too much pressure upon myself, not something I have ever been able to control. So I guess the answer is I am always hard on myself, however my intentions for this year have kept me balanced, without my mantra of 'being grateful for what I have' , I am certain I would have fallen apart.
I have to say I am still looking for the silver lining..............

Saturday, August 17, 2013

August Moon

I have been invited by the lovely Kat from I saw you dancing blog to join in on another little #reverb-like blog challenge from August 21 to 31. It's called August Moon and you can find out more about it by using the above button.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Ziggy beanie

I finally got around to making Laura a ziggy beanie, I just used some Cleckheaton country in a dusky green colour. Looks like she is happy with it!