Wednesday, December 4, 2013


reberb 13 - Day 4.

This past year, we have all experienced so much loss and experienced so much grief -- in relationships, through sickness and death, from mental illness or abuse, because of finances, even due to the need for healthy change.
It is good to honor those shifts, to fully feel them, so that we can let go of what needs surrendered, and remember what is worthy of our love and gratitude.

What have you lost, what are you grieving?

2013 was an unexpected challenge. I was positive at the beginning of the year that it was going to be less stressful than the last.
This year my mum has been unwell and having treatment.
I so looked forward to going back to my job as a Midwife after 6 months of clinical teaching last year. I still love my job but I have lost my passion. This has been my biggest personal grief.
Jay lost his Aunt and his cousin.
I lost my Uncle.

Great Uncle Ian, My Mum's brother was always at a party, this was one of my daughter's backyard birthday parties. He was very family proud! When my eldest daughter Josie was born he drove up to visit us in hospital and said " I knew I would be 'great' at something one day".

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  1. Sorry for your losses this year. Wishing you the best for getting back to midwifing ( can I say that?) and that your mom's health improves.