Wednesday, December 18, 2013


reverb 13 - day 18.

I am often surprised where I find peace, it is usually in the midst of chaos.
In the midst of living, did you find moments to breathe? Were there moments that held you in the embrace of peace and quiet and pure contentment? 

Did these moments catch you by surprise or did you create the space for peace to find you?

how will you make space for greater peace in 2014?

I am normally a calm and peaceful person, but this year has been a challenge. I think back about 4 months ago and I am sure I would have answered very differently. It would have been - I have had no peace.
 Now I feel like I am closer to the old me, and it has so much to do with finding moments to breathe:
I found peace when I had some time off work.
I found peace when I acknowledged I can't control everything.
I found peace when I let go of burdens that are not mine.
I found peace in forgiveness, this was a big one and I am still working on it, for my memory is so good and when you can't forget its hard to forgive. Forgiving myself is even harder.
I found peace with good old gratitude, because I am ever so lucky for all that I have.
I found peace with sharing, talking to friends and letting them know how I am feeling.

Pure contentment is another thing.
I embraced peace and quiet in the bath with a good book, sitting up the headland with my husband, reading to my girls at bedtime, and generally when I am at home.

Making space for greater peace for 2014 is a goal. That is why I am inviting in happiness! I am continuing with the above. I would love to go to a retreat, but think I will miss my girls too much. So I have been looking at some day retreats.



  1. retreating is a great idea. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could retreat in a place where our children were also retreating? That would be so fun... and serve our entire families, don't you think? I am grateful to read your peaceful words today - and the image is strikingly beautiful!

  2. Letting go what's not yours: that's not only peace, that's liberation!
    Good on you, Mel. x