Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We are moving

Well I really am hopeless at keeping a Blog. I have been so busy though it just isn't funny. We are moving!!! I am hoping to get into a student midwife program. The intakes are June and January each year. Our house sold in 3 days and I have taken that as a sign. I finished up at work on the weekend. It was sad to say goodbye but I am looking forward to new adventures. The girls are sad to be leaving their school too but can't wait for the plane ride lol!

So have I had much time for craft?? Well I have made the girls some felt bunnies for Easter and an arcadia doll for Scarlett. I knitted a bunny for our neice aswell. I have really been enjoying reading again too atm. Most of my craft stuff is now packed.

I also made Jay a beanie in preperation for the colder climate we are moving to. Imogen turned 5 in february and I made her a doll.