Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas goodies

I have been so busy completing some presents for christmas and the usual end of year run around. I never seem to find the time to Blog.

We had a lovely little family christmas at home and the girls were pleased with all of their goodies. I did pretty well too. I got some clothes, a lovely wooden chopping board and a watch. We got Jay a watch and clothes too.

I got some wonderful help with some felting the week before xmas. The girls loved it! The pieces were very unique LOL! and the bags needed some mending but it was nice to have some little apprentices working with me. The floor and all of us did get very wet and soapy. It really was a funny day to be remembered.
I got 2 big bags of fleece off a friend from work the other day. I will need to wash and card it but now xmas is out of the way and the holidays are here I am going to have a good go with my spinning wheel.....well try to anyway.
I tried to make as much of the presents this year as I could. I made batches and batches of rocky road which was Yummy and made felt bags and steiner toys too.

So maybe now I can get some knitting done too. Oh well times up. Scarlett is awake.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I am in my 30's!

So I turned 30 on Thursday! Goodbye 20's. I can't believe it really but than I do have 4 children lol.

We have been so busy with end of year things Jay turned 35, Laura turned 3 and I had my birthday. Imogen had her ballet concert, Josie had her school play. Playgroup have there christmas/summer festival tomorrow and the school has theirs on Thursday. I don't think we will make the dance school xmas party. Too busy!!

The craft group is going well. We had a xmas stall on Wednesday and will be having another one this Wednesday. I have been busy with school craft things and am looking forward to the holidays! I did manage to make Laura a doll for her birthday. She was happy with it. I have been plodding along with some christmas presents too.
I am so happy I have christmas off work!! I don't have to work christmas eve,christmas day or boxing day. Woohoo! I am really looking forward to christmas except I am still shopping............
I will get all sorted once school finishes up. Fingers crossed anyway!