Sunday, November 18, 2007

Recycled sari silk

I have actually made something for myself recently. Its a scarf I just ribbed with recycled sari silk. I just wanted to try it. It is rather heavy though.
I have nearly finished a soaker for Scarlett using up all my scraps of wool. It will be good enough for bed anyway.
I finished the school projects and have started with some of the other projects I have lined up. I have made one standing doll and am near fiinishing another.
I need to get a couple more dyed fleeces and have a wet felting day. The girls want to help me with that.
Scarlett is off and walking!! The time has just gone by so quickly. Josie is nearing the end of her 2nd year at school and Imogen is getting ready to start. Laura will be 3 in a couple of weeks! I am so lucky to have such lovely girls.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


My spinning attempts have been pretty funny so far! I need to get a few accessories and some more fleece.
I am making Scarlett a new soaker with all my leftover bits of wool. I just need to sew it up today. I made a felt dolphin for Josies school craft group last night. I have a couple of ducks and 3 roosters cut out and ready to sew up too. It is craft group tomorrow so I will try to get some of them done today. We are making standing dolls and finger puppets tomorrow.
Jay is working today and Josie is at school so I am home with the other 3. Scarlett is having a sleep atm and Laura and Imogen are watching ABC shows.
Better get off the computer and get some craft done while I have a chance!!