Saturday, October 13, 2012

Physical Culture

An entire weekend full of Physi comps : hair curling, costumes, ballets - busy with physi!! Laura had her comp today and had some fun. I struggle with competitive sports but Laura and Imogen really wanted to give physi a go this year. They have both really enjoyed it, I maintain the whole "play like there are no winners" idea. I could see some disappointment on Laura's face today after her individuals when she didn't make it through. She did make her clubs team and they got 4th place, and she was so pleased to get a special badge. Through the year I have met some lovely people, however I did notice some changes amongst our group the closer we got to the comps and the pressure some parents put on their kids. I often wonder if its more about them then their children. Imogen has her comp tomorrow. Scarlett has asked if she can do it next year, she likes the sparkly costumes and fancy hair! I am not sure what I think about another year, I am looking forward to my weekends back for a while anyway.

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