Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hand me downs

As a mum of four daughters I do so appreciate hand me down clothes. I also like to  reduce our family's footprint on the earth so I am always op shopping. A friend with girls recently gave us some clothes and in the treasure bag was this lovely yellow cotton dress. Imogen was particularly excited when she realised it would fit her. However it was a strapless dress and the girls prefer some straps on their clothes so I put it in my craft box to add some straps to later. Well a few months later Immy remembered the dress and started asking. I was just going to buy some ribbon for straps but last week I found some yellow cotton, perfect for crochet straps.


So today I am finally putting some straps on the dress. The cotton was 50 cents in a mark down box. Atleast the dress will be ready for summer and best of all it still will fit Imogen.

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