Monday, June 16, 2008

Mmmm Noro

So I gave in and got some Noro. I made the multi-directional scarf and love it. I have another ball and am thinking fingerless mitts. I am hooked. It is so nice. I also made myself a lace edged hat moddelled by my beautiful eldest babe.

Atm I am working on school jumpers. I am using cascade 220. I didn't order enough though so have put another order in and couldn't help but get some Noro sock yarn and some magazines aswell.

I am hanging out for tax return time as I have been admiring the knit picks sets. They are so pretty. I have finally got the hang of dpns and am ready to take on socks. So I have ordered two sock club slots on yarn collective. I think I will get a couple more too as I couldn't make up my mind. The new soaker club is very tempting too.

I need to restrict my craft time now though as I got in to the Student midwife program!! I am so happy about that. I start next month. I will need some more text books soon and will be busy with work, study and my babes. I will enjoy this month crafting though.

1 comment:

  1. Scarf looks great.

    Careful Noro can be addictive..LOL