Saturday, August 24, 2013

August moon Day 4.

 What word did you choose as your travelling companion in 2013? How is it working for you? Where have the surprises been? If you didn’t choose a guiding word, what word sums up your year so far? And why?
As you all already know 'Gratitude' has been my guidance word for 2013. Before Reverb 12 I hadn't really thought of having a word as a travelling companion for the year. It has been a true blessing to have come into 2013 with one. I have experienced some big and unexpected challenges this year and when I am feeling particularly down I remind myself of all that I have. It is definitely keeping me grounded and has helped me to just stop and smell the roses along the way. If Gratitude had not been my little mantra many other words would be clouding me now I am sure. Today I do not have to work, the sky is blue and we are all together. We went to the markets and had lunch at the jetty. The girls are playing in the yard with our dogs and Imogen has a friend over. We are thinking about what to have for dinner and about the fun tomorrow will bring at a fete we are going to. I am so thankful for days like these!


  1. Gratitude is one powerful word, Mel! You are wise to choose it. I hope it continues to yield many gifts as the years unfold beyond this one. x

  2. How wonderful to dig deep into life looking for what brings pleasure and satisfies.