Friday, June 28, 2013

Quick craft catch up

I have been busy still knitting up some baby goods for my friends and haven't posted all of them here so I thought I would do a quick crafty catch up post. First a couple of easy peasy newborn sock hats.

Next was a sweet little baby spring tee  I love this pattern and the colour is really pretty I think.

Then I made some kanoko pants. I really like the way seed stitch looks in this pattern.

And yet another Eden's Adam , this is one of my favourite patterns. I love knitting it and I am always happy with how they look.

I don't know if my friends are having boys or girls, I have hedged my knitting both ways and am hoping they don't both have the same so I can split them. Some of the stuff is pretty neutral anyway. My next project will be a beanie for Laura and I have a run of other projects to work through after that, I do love project planning almost as much as the knitting itself!

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