Monday, March 18, 2013

Home Tweet Home.

Josie started high school this year, eeEKKK! Thankfully she is really enjoying it. Particularly the new subjects like tech mandatory. She has been doing woodwork and last week brought home her finished project a bird house. This week they move on to cooking and sewing.


  1. Thats looks lovely. :)
    Katie they are making a wooden boxes in there class.
    I found out last week Im having a girl!!!! :)
    We are all excited the boys wanted a little sister and Katie was so excited too!!
    We pretty sure thats it a girl but it never 100% had 2 different people doing the ultra sound I had to come back because the bub wasn't in the right spot to get a good look at it for its spine and she double checked the s*x for us. It still sinking in. I feel pretty Lucky 2 of each.
    So Im half way now, my knitting needles are running hot to get thing knitted up :)
    I hope your well.

  2. How exciting Anne, knitted dresses and skirts are so lovely too! We are all well and happy. I have a couple of babyknits to post to you but don't have an addy. Can you pm me via Rav or send me a text please?