Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mini scarfy and a headband too

I had some yarn left over from laura's socks and Scarlett has been asking for a scarf for a while so I made her a mini scarfy come home. She wore it riding her bike out the back, got hot and took everything else off leaving her scarf on.

The yarn just kept on going and so Imogen scored a new headband. Two quick little projects was just the break I need from my FLS. We head off camping in 2 days and I am hoping to stop in at Evoke on the way home on Monday, I have not been buying yarn lately due to alot of bills and things but I think I deserve a little treat.

1 comment:

  1. Looks great...:) Your girls are looking so big. I hope you had a great time camping. Did you pick up any nice yarn?....:)
    I have started knitting a few things. But I don't seem to finish any thing. I either I make a mistake and get anoyed and leave it then start some thing else. I was knitting a Noro cardigan and it is a bit to big on me it would look like a granny cardigan. So I think I'll make a jumper instead.