Sunday, October 28, 2007

Getting the hang of it

I think I am getting the hang of it. LOL!
I started this Blog mostly to put up my craft projects and also brag a little about my family.
I am a very proud mummy to 4 beautiful girls aged 7, nearly 3, heading towards 5 and 1 and I have a wonderful partner .
I love all sorts of craft. I knit, try to crochet, wet and dry felt, learning to spin, needlework, card making, whatever I can get my hands on really.
I also work 2 days a week as a RN. Busy, busy, busy!!!
So hard to find the time for my crafts. I usually do a little each night when the girls have gone to bed. I have just taken over running the craft group at DD1's school on Wednesday too.
Computer time is starting to eat into my craft time though with so many great sites out there.
I need to figure out how to have all the sites displayed. Off to have another go at sorting out my page.

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