Tuesday, April 29, 2014


A sweet little baby cardigan -Helena- knit up with some left overs from Scarlett's little butterflies.

It has been a while between blog posts! since getting my ipad for Christmas I haven't been on the laptop for ages. I have tried posting to blogger from my ipad but it just isn't working for me. It is hard to believe we are nearly in May. The year seems to be flying by. It has been an eventful year so far- mini trip to Sydney back in January, 1st term of school done and dusted, new friends made, catching up with old friends, a family Easter celebration and an enjoyable school holiday with some day trip fun.

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  1. Lovely cardigan :)
    I've been posting from my iPhone. It's easier than the iPad. They boys have done something to the computer and it's running so slow it's quicker to post from my phone.
    How have you been I've started on my second pair of socks.