Wednesday, January 1, 2014


WooHoo! 2014 is here, bring on the Happiness I say! Happy New Year to everyone. We spent the day at one of our favourite spots, picnic lunch at the bay. The weather has been beautiful and I was lucky enough not to have to work today.

I thought I better catch up with some crafty posts - I made another fabulous Tikki pattern up for my 3 youngest girls - Acacia. A perfect little seamless knit made in some lush cotton fleece for the Summer months. They have been enjoying wearing them too!


  1. Hi Mel, lovely knitting !
    Great to have 4 daughters: there is always something you can knit !

    Ha, it seems Anne found more of this gorgeous hand deyed sockyarn

  2. Happy new year !
    Lovely tops the girls are growing up fast!
    Sian nearly 6 months times flying by I have a list of thing to knit luckily Sian tiny she still 000 and 00