Saturday, February 16, 2013

Double Digits.

Imogen is 10 today! The very exciting double digits birthday! She has had a lovely day and despite very wet weather we had a birthday party at The Pet Porpoise Pool. I love an all inclusive party deal. We had a party host, enjoyed the show and animal interactions, party food including a pink dolphin birthday cake and best of all I didn't have to clean up.

In Imogen's birthday stash was her birthday cardi "Suzanne". I noticed in the above pictures 3 of my girls have a fab tikki knits pattern handmade on (all their birthday cardi's), and yes I am a fan of Georgie's designs. Suzanne was a different pattern, knit like a shrug and the cascade yarn was great to work with.


1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday Imogen!

    Your girls are looking so grown up.
    Sounds like a great party deal. I wish we had something like that up here.

    The cardigan looks lovely. :)
    Is that Cascade 220?
    I bought some cascade from when they have their sale last year. Im knitting with Cascade Eco at the moment.
    Thanks for your comment I wish you lived closer too we could have baby knits day. ;)