Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mohair mania.

I made Imogen the Jo Sharp Mohair scarf with some mohair I received from a lovely friend at work, knitting with mohair wasn't my favourite I have to say, but Immy loves her fluffy pink scarf.

I decided after the knitting with mohair being a bit of a chore to crochet Laura a scarf with it instead, good choice I think. So it has been a little bit of mohair mania here!

I finished of the Friday night knitting club and have moved on to knit two which I found in my local op shop for $2, gotta love op shopping. I have to say it has left me wishing I had a local knitting group to be part of.


  1. Hey, Im here...;)LOL
    I wounder about my stat counter too :)

    Scarf looks lovely.
    I have kinda lost my kniting Mojo I keep making silly mistakes. I need to get it back LOL. I have a bit of a stash to get through.

    My Auntie just gave me some pink mohair too. Im not sure what to do with it. Katie like green not pink.

  2. Mohair -- I've never knit with it, but after seeing your lovely pic I think I might have to start.

  3. Knitting is something I can't quite manage. I can do simple, straight, with no detail... but what's the fun in that?! Your work looks lovely.