Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Berry Hill fingerless mittens.

My beautiful eldest daughter has been asking for some fingerless mittens for a while, I made her Berry Hill fingerless mittens with some leftover orange Rowan, they are very squishy and will keep her wrists nice and warm and still let her draw.

And the last of the baby gifts, for a small while anyway another ulli baby beanie. I now have 3 other little girls wanting some mitts, so off to raid my stash which I am proud to say is getting smaller in time for some winter yarn shopping!

1 comment:

  1. Wow D1 looks so grown up.

    How have you all been up your end of the world.. Its so cold here at the moment.

    Our rent go's up next month to
    $325 a week. Rents are going crazy up here in the Mountains. Next door has gone for $350 a week the originally wanted $385 a week. Its a tiny 3 bedroom place with a garden shed and carport. It crazy.
    There hardly places for sale in our price range the bank will only lend us $270 000...:(

    Look like we are stuck renting for a while.

    Looks like you been busy with your knitting looks great....:) I have bit of a stash to get through now. I have been ordering wool off Webs (Yarn.com) They had a big sale on. They have silk garden sock for $10.50 a ball at the moment.

    Happy Knitting...:) xxx