Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Imogens Socks

I finished off Immy's socks, BUT....... ran out of yarn with the toe for the 2nd sock! Ggrr! I am too lazy to go back and frog the 1st to make them slightly shorter, or, to say do the rib and toe in a solid. I just wish I had done that in the fiirst place, LOL! I used a similar yarn and imogen is wearing them quite hapily with toasty toes.
I have to felt my basket but keep procrastinating on that. I can't make up my mind on my next project. I am also on a ban from buying yarn while we try to sort out finances so have to work with my stash.................................. So think I will do a couple of dishcloths while I make up my mind.

1 comment:

  1. Looks lovely, I called your house yesterday. The kids where all busy doing stuff so I had 5 minutes...LOL

    I still haven't touch that sock I had started with you how long ago was that LOL...:)

    But Ive kept buying sock wool to put in my stash one day I'll knit a pair of sock LOL.
    I have a Noro layby down at the Wool Inn and some Jo Sharp wool on hold Im stocking up. Soon I won't be able to afford any nice wool.
    Our Land lord is talking about putting a Solar Power on the roof but he want to put our rent up again to pay for it. He only just put our rent up $20 a week so our rent now $310 a week. We haven't even been here a year. Im been looking at another rental propertys but rents have gone up here so much in the mountains and there hardly any thing available. Im scared we are going to stuck in this house paying such high rent. The house is nice but we do need a garage.