Friday, August 22, 2008

Warrick scarf

It was my mum's birthday last month and I made her this scarf. The pattern was suggested to me by the lovely Loopitylou. I substituted the Noro yarn with cleckheaton vintage hues after admiring the lizard ridge blankets made by some woolaholics. Mum is happy with it and I like it so much I am thinking of making myself one. Not that I have any time to atm.

I still only have one of Jays socks made. So busy with uni and work it isn't funny. I managed to make 4 little hats for the guardian angel woolaholics group organised by Jacki. I sent them late though. Just can't keep up.

I really must cast on for the 'something new' swap. I am nearly finished the assignment I am working on so think I might cast that on soon. Hope my swapee likes what I have chosen.

I have had some good crafty purchases of late. I bought a knit picks set from the lovely Kel at Dyelicious and have just orderred a few more goodies from her too. I will have to take some pics. I have also got some more wool from the yarn cafe and some other goodies.

1 comment:

  1. I love the scarf,
    The only thing I found that after a few wears my scarf stretched a bit, maybe its the Noro wool.